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Passion is Powerful is a singing and songwriting program I developed for young girls in 2007. Teaching was a natural overflow of my own artistry when I first got started, but now it's grown into a full-on artist activation program that empowers girls to believe that who they are matters and what they create can have an impact on the world around them. Nothing gives me more joy than to see students blossom into their own "voice" as they grow in confidence and mastery of music. I'm known for turning 'shy' and 'polite' singers into bold artists with something to say. I teach my students everything from voice, guitar, piano, bass, songwriting, recording and performing. We meet for weekly on-on-one session and monthly group workshops, and every few months we take our music with us into the community to perform at local events, in homes for the elderly, women's shelters, local churches, and more.


Giving kids a voice since 2007.

The Coverup Girl 

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