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Fitness has been an unusual catalyst for change and connection in my life. I never imagined that as a musician I would end up writing for major fitness publications, or running a marathon alongside homeless men and women on Skid Row. But fitness was a pillar of strength for me during my toughest years of recovery (read my story) and my passion for healing my mind, body, and soul gave me a unique voice in the health and fitness world.


During my time in the wellness industry I witnessed first-hand how fitness has the power to bridge divides in our community. I got to see this from two different perspectives -- from the highest of heights interviewing celebrities and influencing the magazines, and from the lowest lows, running through the dirty streets of downtown Los Angeles with the homeless.

In 2016 I trained for the LA marathon alongside our running club founder, Craig Mitchell, the Superior Court Judge of LA, his police officer friends, attorneys, ex-convicts, and recovering homeless men and women. As a club member, it didn't matter who you were or what you'd been through -- running was our equalizer and we all belonged there. We finished the LA marathon in 2017 and to this day, crossing the finish line with my team continues to be the most meaningful milestone in my fitness career. Later I went on to help the Midnight Mission in downtown LA revamp their gym through my connections at the magazines and the generous help of one of our readers. 


Exercise continues to be at the center of my self-care, and I remain fascinated by the idea that fitness can transcend the boundaries of communities bringing us together despite race, gender, or economic status. I am currently developing projects that speak into this where I live in Redding, CA.


Fitness with a heart of service.

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